Hello there! I’m Jay Yelas and I’d like to share with you another C.A.S.T. for Kids Fishing Tip today.

It’s a beautiful summer day on the lake and we’re out here ready to go fishing!

I just wanted to show you a couple tips about your terminal tackle that are really important. (Terminal Tackle: Hooks, sinkers, bobbers etc.)

1.We’ll start right at the end of the line is to use the right size hook for the type of fish you’re fishing for. You want to be sure the hook is small enough to get in the small mouth of a small fish. 

    • Blue Gill, Perch or other small fish: Size 8 or size 10 hook
    • Catfish or Bass: Size 2 or size 1 hook

2. The bobber placement is huge. The depth that you set your bobber at determines how deep your worm is fished. So, you need to have a general idea of how deep the water is around you. If you’re just fishing off shore and you’re casting out, probably setting the bobber about like this or maybe a little bit deeper would be ideal.

Just keep in mind, if you happen to be fishing in a really deep area where it’s like 10-20 feet, if you only have your bobber stop at one foot, you’ll be way to shallow. So in that situation, slide your bobber up to maybe a four foot depth.

It’s always good to experiment (with your bobber) throughout the day as you’re fishing. If you’re not getting as many bites  as you think you should be getting, then slide your bobber either up or down your line and try some different depths until you find the depth the fish are at and leave your bobber there for the rest of the day.

So just a couple of basic terminal tackle tips for you today from C.A.S.T. for Kids.

Again, a recap:

  • Your hook- a size 8 or 10 hook if you’re fishing for small fish. A size 1 or 2 hook for larger fish.
  • Adjust your bobber at the right setting for how deep of water your fishing.

Thanks and good luck!

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