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Tasun Lure Retriever

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  • There are no moving parts, external hooks, or chain-links attached to our lure retriever
  • Tasun slides down the snagged line as a track, so no matter how close or far away the snag, Tasun will get there
  • Tasun weight 7.1 oz – the heaviest on the market
  • Plastic cap to keep Tasun from coming off or derailing from the snagged line
  • Spring-loaded wire locks the swivel-ball in place withstand 75 lbs of pulling force

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Get the most effective and efficient Lure Retriever! Works every time. There are no moving parts, external hooks, or chain-links attached to our lure retriever. Our Lure Retriever is so simple to use. With an awesome and slick design, It’s small enough to fit in your pocket. Tasun simply uses its weight to knock free any snagged lure. Tasun impacts the lure and force the swivel-ball behind the spring-loaded wire, which locks the swivel-ball in place. Fishermen! Don’t go fishing without Tasun.

Product specifications:

  • Our lure retriever is mad of 90% Lead and 10% Stabium Metal
  • Features a Spring-Loaded wire and a HOOK & LOCK Swivel-Ball
  • Weight: 6.71 oz – “approximate 180 grams”
  • Retriever Length: 3-1/4 inches
  • Retriever Height: 1 inch
  • Cap Size: 5/8 inch
  • Cap Center-Hole: 1/4 inch
  • Snagged Line Insert (bottom of the retriever): 1/16 inch.

How to use Tasun:

A short pole, reel and “At Least” 30 lbs test line are recommended for used of the retriever. The line from the reel is attached to the eye-ring of the retriever for optimum performance. Note: It is recommenced the lure is not pulled with force against the snagged before Tasun is deployed. This may damaged your lure and cause the hooks to “bite” deeper in the cover.

  1. The plastic cap is turned counter-clockwise and removed
  2. Simply insert the snagged line into the open-groove at the bottom of the retriever
  3. Closed the cap by turning it clock-wise – ONLY 2 turns – Otherwise you will damage the cap & threats of the retriever


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