Established in 2011, TWF events are designed to support military personnel and their families, by creating an adaptive, community-based outdoor recreation experience through the sport of fishing.

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TWF Progarm LogoThe Take a Warrior Fishing program was established in 2011 and events are designed to support military personnel and their families, specifically targeting persons assigned to Warrior Transition Commands, by creating an adaptive, community-based outdoor recreation experience through the sport of fishing. Numerous studies have shown that traumatic events not only affect the psychological structures of the self, but also the attachment and meaning that link individuals and community.  This program seeks to restore those disconnects. Each event will have the capacity to accommodate up to 150 families and brings in numerous community partners.

Goals of the Take a Warrior Fishing Program

  • Support positive social interactions with the civilian world
  • Restore disconnect in the home by increasing family interaction
  • Encourage outdoor recreation as a therapeutic outlet
  • Empower Veterans to advocate for positive self-growth and change


Take a Warrior Fishing events are held annually. Search our event map to find an event near you.

Volunteers are critical to the success of every event. Before event day volunteers may join the Planning Committee and help with organizing various pieces of the event. Event day is a favorite, as volunteers set up the event, run registration, pass out event gear, drivers launch boats, fisherman volunteer their boats and experience, shore volunteers set up the lunch, and more. The local community comes together to make the event a success.

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