“Getting more kids fishing, more often”, established in 1996, with a focus on urban youth and teaching angling and environmental stewardship. [youtube]https://youtu.be/Nzb6Q-0qd0Q[/youtube]


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Fishing Kids Program LogoThe Fishing Kids Program was established in 1996 and is built around the slogan “Getting more kids fishing, more often”.  Events are designed to create and provide more fishing opportunities for urban youth, ages 5-14.  Each event hosts approximately 300-800 children and for a minimal entry fee each participant receives a Fishing Kids t-shirt, rod & reel to keep!  The kids fish in groups on-shore for up to 60 minutes receiving instruction by experienced anglers on angling techniques and environmental stewardship.  The parents are encouraged to participate with their children and prior to each fishing session each group receives a tutorial on water safety.

Goals of the Fishing Kids Program

  • Provide a meaningful and enjoyable fishing opportunity to local youth
  • Promote fishing as an alternative leisure activity
  • Offer education elements such as angler ethics, fish identification, and water safety to local youth
  • Develop skills that provide a lifelong hobby


Fishing Kids events are held annually. Search our event map to find an event near you.

Volunteers are critical to the success of every event. Before event day volunteers may join the Planning Committee and help with organizing various pieces of the event. Event day is a favorite, as volunteers set up the event, run registration, pass out event gear, fisherman volunteer their fishing experience, and more. The local community comes together to make the event a success.

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