“Today we saw the magic, how one fish can change a life forever. Our daughter has been in a wheelchair since birth. Regardless of her limits, she enjoyed the freedom of riding in a beautiful boat, catching three fish, then watching seals, birds and other boaters passing by.  We could never do this, without the kindness of the boaters and people at C.A.S.T.”

Our C.A.S.T. for Kids event, provides children with special needs a super fun day of fishing. We welcome children ages 5-17.* Get on board the best built fishing boats, with a big-hearted boater captain volunteer. We will issue you life-jackets and all of your own fishing equipment. After your exciting day of fishing, we will serve a hot BBQ lunch, and a not to be missed awards ceremony.

“Leave your troubles on the shore” and catch a new friend at our C.A.S.T. for Kids fishing event

Sunday 9-15-2019

Click on the registration link provided as either a (1) shore volunteer (2) participant or (3) boater volunteer. If you are bringing your family, please register each person who plans to attend. We need an accurate head count as we provide lunch, lemonade, and a team jersey to all people who attend.


We host a no-charge, fishing event for special needs children and their families.*

*Every child is a forever child”, regardless of age, if your child is over 18, please plan to attend.

From the moment your family arrives at Sugar Barge Resort, you are welcomed by our family.

Come find me, we have a great BIG hug waiting for you!

Participant welcome packets and registration tables, open at 8:00am.


Inclusion is the new revolution. #JoinTheRevolution

You will be given a C.A.S.T. for Kids team jersey, a C.A.S.T. for Kids hat and tackle box with a fishing rod. You will be partnered, with a local professional fisherman. They will show you a REEL fun day. These guys and gals have waited so long to meet you. Don’t be surprised, if your fisherman is a gal, we have the best in the west, with these lady anglers. They will help you catch fish taller than you are! Hurry up, and get out here, for loads of fish and toads of fun.

Look inside your new tackle box, for personal letters written to you by; Mr. Ronnie VanAirsdale with The Delta Bass Club, Ms. Lesa Tobey and Ms.Tracey Ziomek. Ms. Brooke Harper-Favero, Mr. Chuck Kavros with Top This Premium Truck Accessories, Johnsons Tackle, The fish catching crew with River2Sea, Mr. Kevin Yost with Gone Fishin’ Marine, and Mr. Jim Friend with his Great Bassin Bassers. Our fishing family is packing your tackle box with everything you need, to keep your family fishing for a lifetime.

*While we do list the age range, we realize special needs children are forever children, please know your child is welcomed and wanted, even if they are above the age range.

Event Location

Sugar Barge Resort at Bethel Island
Bethel Island, California (map)

Event Contacts

Event Coordinator
Renza Badilla
(805) 888-7194

Video From A Memorable C.A.S.T. for Kids Moment

Event Itinerary


Walk up to registration, and get your brand new gear, your lifejacket fitting and a TEAM JERSEY, hat and tackle box. These are sure to help you TACKLE GIANT fish.  You will have a personal introduction to your boater captain. Your boater captain has been carefully selected, and intentionally chosen, to show you inclusion and respect. These fishermen are great teachers, with a giant heart to serve. We have quite a few female boater captains this year. These gals have a winning spirit and a history of catching big fish. Our boater captains have waited so long to meet you. Did you know this event, is the one event they look forward to every year? Make plans and save the date, to see us Sunday September 15th, 2019 at Sugar Barge Resort on Bethel Island, California. #FishingWithoutLimits


Shore volunteers TEAM ALPHA arrive 6:00am

Participant kiddos TEAM BRAVO arrive 7:45-8:15am

Shore volunteers TEAM CHARLIE arrive 8:00am

Shore volunteers TEAM DELTA arrive 10:00am

Shore volunteers TEAM WHISKEY arrive at high noon

6:30-7:30am    Boaters arrive-launch-side-tie/pick-up your registration packets

7:45am             Mandatory boater safety meeting

8:00am            Participants arrive-issued gear, introduced to their boater captain

8:15am             National Anthem

8:20am             Time to fish

12:30pm           Fishing teams return-*if you need to return earlier please do.

12-4:30pm       Fishing families meet and greet, autographs, photos, music and laughter

BBQ lunch, cookies, fishing awards, and family time. Share your best memories of the day with your new friend, get your ‘Passport to Fishing’ and settle in for a wonderful family day of inclusion.


Fishing families return to a REEL fun BBQ awards ceremony, a photo-booth, a DJ and a sweet dessert. Meet the other fishing teams, and learn what they did, to catch BIG fish. Did you name your BIG fish? Was your boater captain fun to fish with? How was your boat ride? Meet the exceptional families of Cast for Kids, get in the TEAM PHOTO, and make sure you are a part of the extra special, not to be missed, closing ceremony.

We hope you fall in love with fishing like we have. Fishing allows for a family to enjoy a day outside, in a high quality, outdoor recreational setting. You might see wild animals like, beavers, fish-birds, minks, otters and a dog chasing a stick in the water. Fishing allows your child the ability to win, and be victorious through the fun of catching fish. Come join our family, and have a fun-filled-fishing day.

Settle in at a shady location, and “leave your troubles on the shore” with Cast for Kids!

Thank you for considering our event, I can’t wait to meet you. Please call me with any questions or concerns.

My cell phone is 805-888-7194.

See you Sunday September 15, 2019

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INSTAGRAM:  https://www.instagram.com/cast_for_kids_california_delta/

FACEBOOK:    https://www.facebook.com/Cast4KidsDelta/

Renza & Nick

Thanks To Our Event Sponsors

Our event sponsors of recognition are: Storie and Severson, CT Development, Brian Gesick and family, Collins Electrical Co. Inc., Teichert Johnsons Plumbing, Ronald VanAirsdale-The Delta Bass Club,  Waterloo Restaurant, Elite Customs Body & Paint, Rhusty Hook, , Delta Rat, Tailspin Party Productions, Johnsons Tackle,  Hook Line and Sinker, Gone Fishin Marine,