Kaine Navarro proudly shows his Captain’s plaque

My First C.A.S.T. for Kids Event
By Kaine Navarro, Volunteer Boat Captain

My parents let me choose between fishing the last tournament of the year with the Orange County Bass Club at Pyramid Lake or Volunteer to take a kid fishing with C.A.S.T. at Silverwood Lake. I made a great decision and decided to go to Silverwood Lake and catch some fish. I have never taken anyone out on our boat before, so this was new and exciting for me. Walking up to the boat captains meeting, I noticed that everyone was smiling and excited. As soon as we met Sharon I knew it was going to be a great event. Sharon and all the volunteers were so friendly, supportive and made us feel appreciated. After we received our instructions, we put the boat in the water.


Sydney & Kaine pose with their catch

Once we were called in to pick up my new friend Cameron and his sister Sydney, I was really excited to get them on a fish. It was really windy so we stayed close to the shore. We pulled up to our first spot, I cast my spoon, and boom! I caught a baby bass. It wasn’t big but it was a fish and there were more. I set up one rod with spoon and one rod with a bobber with and night-crawler worm. We fished here for a little while and I was able to get Sydney on a bass. She reeled it in like a pro.


Cameron & Kaine pause for a photo

I told Cameron he was next and a little while later I was able to get Cameron on a bass. We caught a couple more baby bass and Cameron had two huge bites we missed. Those would have been exciting. Turns out not very many fish were caught, so I was really happy I was able to get them on a fish. I tried really hard to make sure they had a great day and I really enjoyed teaching them how to fish and explaining everything to them. It was a lot of fun. It was also their first fish they ever caught, so that was special for me to witness.

kaine-with-sydney-and-cameronAt the end of the ceremony, C.A.S.T. presented boat captains with a plaque to remember our day. This was great because I don’t want to ever forget my time with Cameron and his family at Silverwood Lake and C.A.S.T. Every time I think of this day I just want to smile and get someone else on the water to catch some fish. I plan on volunteering every time C.A.S.T. is in our area for both “C.A.S.T. for Kids” and “Take a Warrior Fishing”. I am really proud to wear the C.A.S.T. logo on my tournament fishing jersey because it reminds me how awesome it was to volunteer and put big smiles on other kids’ faces by catching a fish. Also, I found out at 10 years old, I am the youngest boat captain ever for C.A.S.T. How awesome is that?